I am waiting for Onda, Bella is waiting for Paco, Marcella is waiting for Ciro, Indre is waiting for Dorotea, Silvia is waiting for Mila, Martin is waiting for Athos, Jo is waiting for Emma. Just a few of the people waiting for their dogs to come from Italy to the UK.

We all knew it was going to take a few weeks anyway, but it really feels like an eternity now. Because of the Covid-19 and the lockdown, the volunteers cannot bring the dogs to the vet to get vaccinated and microchipped, the guy that transports the dogs with his pet taxi cannot leave his house. Nobody can do anything about it and it’s frustrating.

We all really hope everything will get back to normal soon, no more sickness and deaths because of this virus, no more suffering, no more spending our days locked inside the house, and all of us, future parents of these beautiful dogs we will start a new chapter of our lives with them.