“Hi! I actually found Jordan doing foster work with Chiara. She is a wonderful woman with a true passion for animals. I hadn’t intended on adopting at first until my first foster. She was his sister and she was a special case, we had to help her learn to walk and she was medications and shots when I first got her. Because of her interesting maneurisms and how special she was I became very attached and it broke my heart when she was turned down by potential adopters. I then decided we were meant for each other. A couple months down the road Jordan had been in and out of the foster pool and ended up in my care and they instantly recognised each other. He does not have the same disorder but has attachment issues and separation anxiety and was a hard fit for a few families and once I had them together I couldn’t separate them. We very sadly lost Tima, his sister, last year from her health complications, we knew her life expectancy was shortened and God had other plans for her. The process with the help of Chiara and other volunteers was very easy and we were able to get them home to new york easily after they received their passports. I had other fosters as well and would help with home inspections and absolutely loved helping out. Fostering was a great way to not only socialize the animals with other animals but to learn their personalities to find the right homes rather than a shelter where they may not be acting like their normal selves as it must be a very scary experience for them. Its a wonderfully rewarding job and I was so happy to help whenever I could. I also enjoyed taking the fosters that may have been considered challenging because it seemed as though most of them just needed the extra love the shelters just can not provide as much as I know the volunteers try as hard as they can. Not every dog is for every family and having spent the time with them and uderstanding them helps finding a forever home much easier and so rewarding. Without my angel girl never would have found my best friend, her brother, my Jordan. We miss her dearly but they for sure share the same quirks and I see some of her in him every day. I urge anyone interested in adopting to consider fostering before and even after finding the perfect fits for them because you never know how many lives you can save with just a little extra caring and a loving roof over their head. We also ended up with a cat which was great because I was able to tell potential adopters whether they worked well with other animals or not. Now I have two perfect boys.”