“Our relationship started very lively, with doors and windowsills whittled down into toothpicks, and wolf-style escapes… for a moment I even thought that he could fly!

Gianni really doesn’t ever want to be without me, and I have stopped trying to understand why…we have come to terms with the 6 working hours and accepted solitude without destroying anything…and I assure you that I have tried everything…here, to tell the truth there is only the possibility of another female adoption!
If I leave 6 hours or 2.5 minutes, his irrepressible enthusiasm for seeing me is always the same, a wagging kangaroo!

After January 8, 2018 I have a new 4-legged shadow, a lively extension of myself.

Even if he is a “used” dog, as I ironically define it….I can really talk to him, he looks at me and, though I don’t know how, he always understands and obeys me. My holidays were normally trips to the other side of the world, but now to be together we have found as many good destinations here. I am happy thanks to those who always accept us together!

Do not tell anyone, but very often when I watch him walk in his funny way or sleep with his stomach in the air I am moved; it is a feeling of pure tenderness. I FEEL VERY LUCKY TO HAVE HIM!!!  I would have a lot to say but I will limit myself to this…

I no longer think for me but for Us.