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Pet Name: KENIA

  • Gender: Female
  • Breed: Maremmanina Mix
  • Age: 7 months

Kenia need a welcoming home with lots of love.

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ut Kenya

  • Dog friendly
  • People friendly
  • 7 months old

When Kenia was only 4 months old she was abandoned in front of the house of a gentleman who sometimes helps stray dogs. She stayed in front of the closed gate and stared at the home owners, she was so small and defenseless they had to take her in.

Sadly several of their other dogs do not accept Kenia now that she has grown. So now is seeking even a foster home while she waits for adoption.
Kenia has no problems with other dogs and only wants to play but the group does not always accept her puppy enthusiasm.

CAN YOU HELP KENIA? Can you welcome her to her new home, or offer her somewhere temporary to stay while she waits for adoption?

For good adoption she will arrive vaccinated, sterilized and microchipped with all her travel documents in order to to Italy, UK, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belguim, Luxembourg or France (adoption to other locations is possible if the adopter can assist with transport).

If you can help contact Ella +31682765317 or Chiara +393468760522 by phone or WhatsApp

Breed: Maremmano mix
Age: 7 months old
Size: Medium (22 – 25kg when grown)
Temperament: friendly
Dogs: Good
Cats: Not tested yet
Where is the dog: In Italy