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  • Born: May 2023
  • Weight: approx 9 kgs
  • Location: Italy
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Looking for foster or adoption across Europe and UK
• Born: May 2023
• Sex: Female
• Size: Small (approx 9 kgs)
• Breed: mix
• Personality: very sweet, good and playful
• Good with: people, dogs and cats.

Hi everyone! I introduce myself: my name is Simy.

I was found wandering around the Calabrian countryside (in southern Italy) together with two other little dogs and, despite our few kilos, we were still chased away, often rudely by people….
We didn’t let ourselves get close, we were very wary…. 
I was pregnant and I found shelter in a hole underground, giving birth to three wonderful sweet puppies, a male (Nemo) and two female (Dana and Lully).
Now my puppies have been weaned and I too, like them, deserve to find a happy ending!  
Do you have a chance to accommodate me for a period of time please? Or are you interested in adopting me?
As you can see, I am a wonderful female little dog; I am also very sweet, good and playful with people, dogs and cats.

? Fully vaccinated, microchipped, neutered, leishmaniasis and brucellosis negative, ?? EU pet passport and ready for a good home!

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