About Us

Ciao! We are Furry Rescue Italy

FURRY RESCUE ITALY is an animal charity based in Italy.
We rescue abused, abandoned, unwanted dogs and rehome them in Italy and abroad.
We are a team of volunteers operating all across Europe and UK, working hard and trying our best to save as many dogs as we can.
Most of the dogs looking for a home are in foster or in a shelter in Italy, and we organise health check, vaccinations, microchip, neutering (depending on dog’s age) and transport.

We help to Improve their life quality

Every year in Italy people abandon 50’000 dogs and 80’000 cats.

30% of the pets are found on the streets just before summer, because the familes who are going on holiday cannot bring their pets with them, they cannot afford to put them in a boarding kennel or cattery, so just leave them on the streets.

Another 30% of the dogs get abandoned because are not good at hunting, and so on.

Many people also don’t know or don’t care about the importance of neutering their pets, and when abandon them, the dogs and cats keep having litters.

We are trying to educate people and to teach them to treat animals with love and respect. Hopefully one day this dream will come true.

Dogs don’t know borders, don’t know frontiers.

They don’t know where they are in the world, they just want to be loved.

Please consider adopting a dog from Italy.

Presidente Chiara Costalonga

Ilaria Masnovo, Alex Mc Cormick, Daniela, Elisabetta




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