Adoption Process

Did you see a dog on our website you would like to adopt? That’s how it works.

CHAT: We will call you and ask some information about yourself, what can you offer to the dog you would like to adopt, etc.

HOME CHECK: We will arrange a home check for you. One of our volunteers will come to meet you, and the other members of the family, talk you through the adoption process and make sure your house is dog proof.

ADOPTION FORM: If you pass the home check and if everyone is happy, we will ask you to sign an adoption form and we will also ask for a small fee* that covers vaccinations (including rabies), microchip, neutering (depending on dog’s age) and transport. However, some dogs come to us injured or sick and require an extraordinary amount of medical care, so we may ask for a higher adoption fee, but we will always discuss this with you.

TRANSPORT: We will arrange safe transportation for your dog from Italy to different locations all over Europe and the UK.

3 RULES: The dog is finally with you and your family. Please give your new friend some time to settle. It will usually take 3 days to adjust to the surroundings, 3 weeks to adapt to your routine and 3 months for the dog to feel part of the family.

TRAINING: If you have any trouble with the dog, please give us a call and we will be there to support you. If the dogs show some extreme behavioural issues, please consider the help of a dog trainer/behaviourist.

RESCUE BACK UP: Rarely it could happen that for some reason the dog is not suitable for you or you can no longer look after him\her, so we can take the dog back, but please give us 7-10 days to find a foster home.

ADOPTION FEE: € 150 Italy – € 250 Switzerland  –  € 350 Austria – € 450 Germany – € 425 Netherlands – £ 550 (dog) £ 300 (cat) UK