Offer a Ride

If you are reading this part of our site you could be able to help us also to transport dogs.
We are based in Italy, so we need transportation from the south to the north of Italy and the other way around, and also abroad.
Wher’s  abroad?
Our dogs are adopted especially in England, Holland, Switzerland, so we need rides to those countries, and also to the countries  as Sweden, Denmark, Austria, French, Germany.
If you fly or drive to those countries and you can offer a free ride or paying ( we can discuss if the price is very high), please help our doggies to be reunited to their families.
We can provide a cage, and all needs to the dog to travel, he/she will be up with all documents, vaccinations and medical exams.We will take the dog where you will start your travel and someone else will come to pick the dog at your final destination.If all this will be not possible than we will have to decline your offer.
In the past we sent some dogs with bla bla car and the drivers were really happy of the conditions our dog was and how educate he was during the travel.
So please help us and you will save many lives.