Help with Social Media

Are you a you tuber, an influencer, are you only a simple person who likes social media?
We have 3 fb sites and 3 ig in italian, english and german language
Are you able to do soundtrack, to menage you tube, to find good contents for instagram, facebook, twitter and all social media, to keep in touch with the people….? You will be more than welcome to join our team!

Doesn’t matter where you live, we can connect by whatsapp, skype…just need to love social media and if possible, animals.

We want to connect with a large range of people, everyone could help our cause.
At the moment we are 4 to follow our social media, but noone of us had a great experience with social media, we tryied to build somethingh good, so please if you also has no experience but a great love for this, contact us.
3 of us are in Italy, one is in Englandwe don’t live close to each other, but we connect in every case
Do you have new ideas, somethingh who seems impossible? don’t be shy and let us know, we are open to everythingh who could help to find a family to our doggies.