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Dangerous items for dogs.

Dogs will eat, lick or chew almost anything and some everyday household items can be fatal. Foods 🍫 Chocolate tops the food warnings, as caffeine and theobromine cause toxicosis and may bring seizures and death. Dark chocolate and cooking chocolate rank highest in harm. ☕️ Coffee has caffeine too, so the toxic danger is an […]

Bed vs. Crate Debate

THE CASE FOR HUMAN BEDS PROS + It boosts your bond. Some believe this is especially true since dogs are pack animals, sleeping and hunting together in the wild. + Extra warmth for cold winter nights. Plus, your furry friend will never complain about your cold toes! + Built-in guard dog. For those living alone […]

Charlie’s Story

Charlie never had a real family before, he never even saw a kennel. He would have died before long.

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