Housetraining a puppy requires time, vigilance, patience and commitment. Most of the time every puppy will have an accident in the house, It’s part of raising a puppy.

The more consistent you are in following the basic housetraining procedures, the faster your puppy will learn acceptable behavior.

It may take several weeks to housetrain your puppy, but for most pets, once they are physically able, understand what you are asking, they will learn this lesson.  

Like babies, puppies do best on a regular schedule.

  1. Take your puppy outside frequently, at least every two hours, and immediately after he wakes from a nap, after playing and after eating.
  2. Praise your puppy (for example with a treat) every time he eliminates outdoors, right after he has done this, not after he is at home. This step is vital because rewarding your dog for eliminating outdoors is the only way he will know to associate that activity with what you are asking. Choose a location not too far from the door to be the bathroom spot. TIP: If you clean up an accident in the house, take the soiled rags or paper towels and leave them in the bathroom spot. The smell will help your puppy recognize the area as the place he is supposed to eliminate. While your puppy is eliminating, use a word or phrase, like “go potty” or “find a spot”, this helps to remind him of the goal.
  3. If possible, put your puppy on a regular feeding schedule. Feeding your puppy at the same times each day will make it more likely that he will eliminate at consistent times as well. This makes housetraining easier for both of you.
  4. Don’t allow your puppy to soil in the house. He/she should be watched at all times when indoors.You can tether him to you with a  leash, or use baby gates, to keep him in the room where you are.Watch for signs that he needs to eliminate, like sniffing around or circling. When you see these signs, immediately take him outside, on a leash, to his bathroom spot. When you are unable to watch your puppy at all times, he should be confined to an area small enough that he won’t want to eliminate.