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  • Born: 2019
  • Weight: 30 kgs
  • Location: Bristol, UK
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Based in in Bristol and URGENTLY looking for foster or adoption
• Born: 2019
• Sex: Male
• Breed: Australian Cattle mix
• Size: Large size (30 kg)
• Personality: very good, sociable
• Good with: people, children and female dogs (Sorry no male dogs and no cats)
Hi everyone! I introduce myself: my name is Mario.
I used to live free in a village in Calabria (Southern Italy), but not all people were keen to have me around and threatened to put me behind bars in a kennel.
Luckily some kind-hearted volunteers raised funds to neuter me and take me to safety.
I then found a foster home in the UK.
His foster mum said: “He gets on well With the little female dog, is great with bigger dogs, but definitely no cats, his recall is very good off lead and he responds to praise happily. Would be better with dog-savvy children as he’s a bigger dog but very friendly.
He likes to say hello to other dogs and then he walks away after, he’s very affectionate to people.
He needs a strong owner who knows how to train on lead. He listens well & learns quickly.”
Full RBU, adoption fees and home check apply
Fully vaccinated, microchipped, castrated, negative for Leishmaniasis and Brucellosis
EU pet passport and ready for a good home!
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