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Melany’s Story

Mela (Melany) has been working on her recall recently. She's learning quickly (not surprisingly considering how quickly she learned to sit and lay down!) and loving the training. She's also (it's taken roughly 6-7 months) starting to engage a little with toys. She doesn't play with us (other than passing the toys back and forth between us very gently) but there are now 2 she likes to carry around

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Bo and Fred’s Story

“Hello! We adopted Bo (Balu) in feb 2019 and Fred (Smile) in April 2020! They have been the perfect addition to our family and it's so amazing seeing them grow into their own. Bo showed us the meaning of love and happiness and Fred showed us courage (as well as love and happiness). We are so proud of our boys. They are now world travelers- lived in 2 continents and 10 plus countries.

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Viola’s Story

Thank you to Hayley for sharing her story with us. "We adopted Giavanna née Viola from the Happy Bus this February. As you can see she has settled in amazingly! We already had 2 cats and were a little concerned that she wouldn't get on with them, however, bar the odd playful chase, she has been brilliant. It feels like she has been here forever. Furry Italy have been excellent with the communication throu

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